About Us

We are a family owned and operated business that was formed in 1989. Owner, Billy Gray, an accomplished small business owner for more than twenty years, has worked with Athletic Leagues and sporting event organizers in serval states, furnishing photographs, and exceptional trophies and awards. After recognizing the frustration parents, athletic associations and coaches go through to get timely quality photos for their children, Billy designed an unparalleled process that gives most parents an opportunity to walk away from their picture day with superior quality photography to take home with them. Our innovative company utilizes cutting edge, state-of-the-art, digital cameras and equipment for editing and printing technologies in our mobile processing center; which produces a ninety-year fade resistant photograph in less than fifteen seconds. We also offer a wide variety of trophies, plaques and awards made to order at your convenience.

Billy is a sports fan and a father too. He has competed, coaches and continues to support the positive spirit of sport at all levels.

We truly enjoy creating these products and making our customers happy one print at a time. It is important to PSEPT that our customers get superior customer service. Our staff works closely with you to ensure you get eye catching pictures and awards that you can be proud to have in your home.

Why choose PSEPT?

1. We offer same day service on pictures, with packages typically being prepared within 90 minutes (with the exception of specialty items, which take 2-3 weeks). Any pictures not picked up on picture day are mailed directly to the customers home, at no additional fee. THE LEAGUE NEVER NEEDS TO HANDLE THE PICTURES!

2. Because we shoot and print on-site, handling potential errors is not a problem. For example, if a child’s eyes are closed, we are able to reshoot the picture that day. Also, if an order is not filled out correctly, we are able to fix the issue the day of pictures. These are problems that can take other companies weeks to handle.

3. PSEPT offers a wide variety of products, all reasonably priced for your purchase. We are continually updating our forms and product lists to make sure we provide the products you will love.

4. For indoor sports, such as basketball and wrestling, we provide indoor lighting and backdrops to ensure quality controlled photographs that look great.

5. Twenty percent of our net earnings from the job go back to the league. Most leagues use the money from picture day to pay for trophies and awards, purchased from us.

6. All head coaches are provided with an 8×10 plaque, which includes a 6×8 team picture with a sports border and writing. Assistant coaches will receive the 6×8 team picture. These items are a great way of saying “thank you” to the coaches from the League/Organization at the end of the year.


At PSEPT we care about our involvement in the community. Several times a year we donate awards to different fundraisers, such as golf tournaments. We are a locally owned small business that understands supporting other small businesses in the area. Being from the area and having children and grandchildren that participate in sports programs locally, we sincerely care about producing quality products for our family, friends, and all of our customers.

We hope you will give us the opportunity to be part of your community for pictures and/or trophies and awards!